Doctor Who - Sarah Jane Smith & Star Poet Deluxe Action Figure Set

Sarah Jane Smith & Star Poet with Light-Up Stand is a Deluxe 5" Action Figure Set. The Sarah Jane figure comes with an Alien Communicator accessory which fits into the hand. As featured in Invasion of the Bane (2007) the Star Poet figure is lit up by pressing a button on the stand. The ethereal Star Poet is from the planet Arcateen 5.
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A gaseous alien from Arcateen V, the star poet travels the stars, singing her songs and poems as she goes. One of a truly beautiful and benevolent race of beings, her psychedelic aura gives of colours that go far beyond the spectrum humans can see. When Sarah Jane Smith helped her find her way home, she left behind a gift, a communicator which was very beneficial in stopping the subsequent invasion by the Bane. This 5" Sarah Jane Smith & Deluxe Star Poet includes luxury stand with light effects. Just attach the Star Poet to the post using the hole at her lower back, then press the button on the base to illuminate her.
Requires 2 x LR44 batteries (included).
Made by Character Options
Brand new and Sealed.
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